F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

Home Pregnancy Test FAQ

What brand are these tests?
I buy directly from the manufacturer and they call these tests "One-Step". They are not dBest or Aimstick brands but they similar as they are all professional tests.

How do Home Pregnancy Tests (HPT) work?
HPT's detect hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which is the hormone released once the embryo starts implanting into the lining of the uterus. HCG is found in the urine and the blood.

How soon can I test?
It has been stated that tests of this sensitivity can detect a pregnancy as soon as 7 days past ovulation. But keep in mind that implantation must first take place before hCG is released. Implantation takes place between 6-12 days past ovulation with 7-9 days being the average. It is recommended to wait until at least 9-12 days past ovulation and even then there is a chance that you are testing too early and could still get a false negative. If you continue to get a negative result but feel that you could be pregnant, please consult your doctor.

Must I use first morning urine?
If you are testing early (prior to missing your period) it is definitely recommended that you use first morning urine. First morning urine contains the highest level of hCG because it is the most concentrated. If you do test later in the day it is a good idea to hold your urine for at least 3-4 hours prior to testing. Drinking too many fluids prior to testing can dilute your urine and is not suggested.

What does it mean if the test line is very light?
You will always see a control line but if the test line shows up very faint pink or purple within the 10 minute cutoff time, you should assume you are pregnant. You should contact your doctor for further testing right away. You can also re-test in two days and you will probably see a darker line.

What does it mean if I see a faint second line (test line) but its after the 10 minute cutoff?
A true positive will usually show up within the first couple of minutes. It could be what is sometimes called an "evaporation line". Generally, evaporation lines are light gray, shadowy lines and any pregnancy test can have this occur. It is when a faint test line appears AFTER the 10 minute time limit. This brand of test does not seem to have a problem with evaporation lines although no brand can say that it will never happen. If a second line shows up AFTER 10 minutes you should consider this a negative result and retest in 24-48 hours or consult your doctor.

Ovulation Predictor Kit FAQ

How does an Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) work?
An OPK is a test that detects luteinizing hormone (LH). Just before ovulation, women experience a short surge and their LH level rises to a higher level. The OPK will help you detect this surge and help you predict when you will ovulate.

Should I use first morning urine?
No. The best time to test is around 2 p.m. but anytime between 10 a.m and 8 p.m. is fine, first morning urine is not recommended. LH is synthesized in your body in the early morning and may not show up as well until later in the day. Try test at about the same time every day.

Does clomid interfere with test results?
Clomid may cause false positives to occur if you test too early. Please consult your doctor to find out when he/she suggests testing with an OPK. I believe generally, doctors will suggest starting OPK's 3 days after your last pill but please check with your doctor and follow their instructions.

How long after my surge will it be until I ovulate?
Most people will ovulate between 12-48 hours after detecting their surge with 24 hour being very typical.

How long after I detect my LH surge, should I have intercourse?
It is recommended to have intercourse the day of the LH surge and the two days following. Most women conceive from intercourse prior to ovulation. There can be special circumstances where you would be advised to not have intercourse all three days. Please consult your doctor if your partner has a low or borderline sperm count.

There is a light test line and a dark control line, is that a positive result?
NO! These tests are unlike pregnancy tests. The results are only positive if the test line is equal to or darker than the control line. There are some women who will ovulate without getting a "true" positive. Some women will only have a nearly positive test. If you see a nearly positive test, it MAY be a good idea to have intercourse because ovulation will probably occur soon.

The test line is darker than yesterday but still lighter than the control line? What does that mean?
It could mean that your urine was more concentrated today causing the slightly darker test line. It could also mean that your surge is starting. It might be a good idea to start testing twice a day if you have this occur.

I had a positive result yesterday and today. Does that mean there is something wrong?
No. More than likely you caught your surge on the way up and again on the way down. Your true surge would probably have occurred sometime between the two tests.

Why is it a good idea to chart my Basal Body Temperature and use OPK's?
An OPK can tell you that you will probably ovulate in the days to come, giving you time to have intercourse prior to ovulation. Charting temps only tells you after you have ovulated. Sometimes you can have a surge and not ovulate. It's a good idea to chart so you can see the thermal shift and feel confident that you ovulated.

What if I have a thermal shift but no positive on my OPK's?
It is possible to miss the surge. If you have a test line that is fairly dark one day then very light the next, you may have missed the actual surge. If your thermal shift occurs, you probably ovulated. It may be a good idea to test twice a day when you feel that you are close to ovulating.

Will I get pregnant if I time intercourse just right?
There is no guarantee that you will achieve the desired pregnancy. Even with perfectly timed intercourse and the best of circumstances, you only have about a 25% chance of getting pregnant each cycle. If you feel there is a problem, consult your doctor.

Can I use this product to avoid pregnancy?
You cannot use this product for birth control. You can become pregnant from intercourse prior to receiving a positive result on this test.

Ovatel FAQ

I have seen similar products for higher prices. Are those saliva testers better?
There are similar products currently being sold for $39.95, $49.95, $59.95....and yes, there is even a site selling the same type of test for $149.95. We buy directly from the manufacturer and do not raise the price as high as other re-sellers. This test does not require a light or battery which makes the test easier to use and less worries that something will break.

What can affect test results?
Smoking, alcohol or eating can affect test results. It is advised to abstain from these activties for about 2 hours prior to testing.

How long will this product last?
This product will work indefinitely. You must clean the Ovatel between uses.

I do not see anything. What's wrong?
Make sure you have allowed the saliva to dry at least 3-4 mins before inserting back into the holder. Also make sure you have placed the slide with the dried saliva furthest away from the lenses. Sometimes the eyepiece may need to be adjusted.

Can I use this product to avoid pregnancy?
You can use the Ovatel as a guideline to predict your fertile days but remember than no method of birth control or family planning is 100% accurate. Also, it is advised to use this product for several months before you get a clear picture of how it works for your cycles.Complete Fertility does not suggest using this method as your only form of birth control. Complete Fertility will not accept any responsibility for the interpretation of the results or the resultant outcomes.

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