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Complete Fertility is the one-stop information portal for couples who are trying to conceive a baby.

Our site is dedicated to couples who are trying to conceive a baby - and we look forward to providing complete information on fertility and becoming pregnant, particularly for women who are looking to increase their chances of conceiving or actively fertility charting.

For many (or most) couples, conceiving a baby requires both time and timing. That is to say, achieving pregnancy may typically take several months (if not longer in today's fast-paced world) and understanding "fertility" is a big part of successfully getting pregnant. Knowing when you ovulate, tracking natural fertility symptoms, and maintaining a fertility chart or ovulation calendar is, for many women, the best sure way to a positive pregnancy test.

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We're also putting together information on pregnancy and ovulation testing, as well as offering a library of pregnancy resources, including recommended readings and book reviews. Of course, preconception and pregnancy health is important, and this site is dedicated to providing information about nutrition and wellness tips for couples wanting to conceive healthier while decreasing the amount of time it can take - or number of cycles - to achieve your goal.

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